Tales from Different Tails: a review – by Vivian Affoah

Tales of Different Tails, like the title suggests, is a collection of different Ghanaman stories by Nana Awere Damoah. With interesting stories like Project Akoma, Dribble de Zagidibogidi and October Rush, Nana engages his readers’ attention with very vivid descriptions and a great sense of humor. For most parts of my reading, I found myself imagining the scenes.

For someone who didn’t attend a traditional Ghanaian university, I was particularly thrilled with October Rush.

“Joe Pabitey. Few people called him by his real name. He was nicknamed Inte Gorang, the last name being an adulterated form of Garang. His friends likened him to John Garang, the Sudanese rebel leader; they teased that Joe Pabitey had been fighting for years, four years actually, to get a girlfriend on campus, an inte.”

Nana explores life on a typical Ghanaian university campus, terms used, and how students come by their nicknames.

“…my love for you is like the seed that forms in a woman’s womb – once fertilised, it only knows growth. Like a mixture of concrete, this love hardens and intensifies in strength as it walks hand in hand with time.”

It appears Nana is a passionate lover as love runs through all his stories. He touches on challenges lovers encounter in their quest for love and happiness.

Tales of Different Tails is a fantastic book that readers can really relate to. I have fallen in love with Nana Awere Damoah’s art of storytelling!

Vivian Affoah is a journalist working with Media Foundation for West Africa. Although a jovial person who makes fun of almost everything, she is very passionate about human right issues, free expression and professional media standards in Ghana. She enjoys reading, surfing the internet and listening to music.


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