Tales from Different Tails: a review – by Jemimah Etornam Kassah

A book such as this is the break we all need from the incessant rumour mongering and debates on the airwaves. Nana Awere Damoah’s latest book is best enjoyed under the shade with a chiiled drink and a mood for laughter.

Tales from Different Tails is written in a free-flowing, conversational style which all will find easy to follow. Start reading and you are transported back into the “good old days” of schooling and small town life, when we were still discovering ourselves and carving niches for the future.

Nana Damoah writes in a style reminiscent of the late Merari Alomele of “Sikaman Palaver” fame, and his writing is liberally dosed with “Ghanamanisms”, proverbs and metaphors unique to the Ghanaian society. At the same time, however, these terms have been subtly explained to make them understandable to the untrained ear. Among them are the likening of a student who sleeps to “a puff adder who sleeps both day and night since it cannot distinguish between the two”, a new born child called “hey” before his eighth day on earth, movies at Sadisco titled “Snake in a monkey shadow”, “I trust my leg” among others.

Inte Gorang’s “raps” in the first chapter are sure to put a smile on the lips of many a woman who has heard a “well rehearsed” proposal from a besotted guy. The love letter form Akos in “Hope Deferred” will transport memories of high school days when such letter filled with sugar-coated sweet nothings were exchanged between the members of the opposite sex after “inter-co”, quiz competitions and the like.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book; and would recommend it any day. Just be prepared to call up your friends from college days to have a good laugh.

Jemimah Etornam Kassah

Trondheim, Norway


2 thoughts on “Tales from Different Tails: a review – by Jemimah Etornam Kassah

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  1. NAD, where can I get a copy of this book? Will like to read and find out things for myself. I am sure I will get the break I need from this book.

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