24 Questions on My Mind

Q1: Just why can’t we get our street lights on our highways and main streets working?

Q2: How long should it take a serious organisation to build 2 more booths? It has taken more than 3 months to open the new ones on the Ashaiman entrance to the Motorway. Why?

Q3: Just why can’t one trust a Ghanaman to keep his time?

Q4: Why are women so complex?

Q5: Why do our politicians speak to us as if we have no thinking capabilities?

Q6: Why do most Ghanaian lawyers lose a greater part of their logical reasoning when they become politicians?

Q7: Why are so many of our journalists not deep, analytical and creative in their reports, questioning and presentations?

Q8: Why is it that professionalism mixed with politics usually produces an unusual complex?

Q9: ECG, why?

Q10: AFC handed over to CJA, who handed over to AFAG as NDC handed over to NPP, who again handed over to NDC – when will our most vocal social advocacy groups stopped running shift?

Q11: Who is a foot-soldier? What are the key skills, competencies and qualifications to be a foot-soldier? What are the expectations of a foot-soldier?

Q12: Letter writing (hard copies) has given way to exchange of emails. When people expire, they usually do so with their passwords and records. Will this not affect documentation of events and even be a challenge to historic data retrieval in future? And writing of memoirs?

Q13: What is it with Ghana and Serbian coaches?

Q14: Why do more widowers re-marry, compared to widows?

Q15: Why are there so many professing Christians, but fewer practising Christians?

Q16: Why do people who mix their tenses love to slang so?

Q17: Why are we so keen to be the ‘first African country’ do something but not as keen to maintain the lead and the standard?

Q18: When is Mugabe going to say goodbye?

Q19: When will Nkrumaists come together and what will it take to achieve that?

Q20: How long, after taking over, should it take for a sitting government to stop blaming the previous government for present problems?

Q21: Why can’t people just keep the promises they make, and make the promises they can keep?

Q22: What will happen to the reward in heaven for the teachers who don’t make it there?

Q23: Who are the contemporary African thinkers, helping shape our thoughts for the present and future?

Q24: What if Jesus returns today: will you be ready?

One thought on “24 Questions on My Mind

Add yours

  1. You really want answers? 24 questions is a bit much for me, since I have ADHD. I’ll swing at a few.
    #1: If or when you become a minister of state with a handfull of small girls on your speed-dial, you’ll know where the money for the streetlights go.
    #23: The contemporary Ghanaian thinkers currently happen to be GIJ graduates. Yea, I know. We are screwed.
    #24: Is it May already??????? f#$%!!!

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