A weekend with a Unilever touch and being on my own

On Saturday, Mum left me alone for the first time, with Grandma. I told you I was becoming a big boy, didn’t I? In her absence, Uncle Charles (remember him, the first photographer in my life…) came to visit with his wife Auntie Patricia his wife and my two cousins Ayeyi and Aseda.

Mum and Auntie Evelyn returned home with lots and lots of people, three people! Uncle Sammy Avaala, Uncle Kwasi and Auntie Emefa, who are working or used to work with Unilever, and used to work with Dad, phew! Uncle Kwasi (he is the son of the nice doctor Mum and I went to see last week) took some more pictures of me.

On Sunday, I got a visit from Uncle Ato and Auntie Loretta, with their kids, big sisters Ewurama and Eyram. Uncle Ato seemed to be fascinated with my nose, and I overheard him remarking as such to Grandma, haha. The nose must be a prominent feature in the family then…

Dad called in the afternoon on Sunday, and Mum put the phone to my mouth so I could cry for him to record. I showed them I was smarter – I held the phone!! Anyway, Dad got my crying enough to record for his listening pleasure!


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