Pictures from Uncle Glover

Hi, it’s me oooooh, Kwame! This week hasn’t seen much happening. I have been home doing what I like doing best – u know, sleeping and eating! It is called Adidas – di (eat) and da (sleep), haha…and both in plural too, that is where the ‘s’ comes in. See I am taking my grammer lessons quite seriously?

These are pictures taken by Uncle Glover when he visited with Auntie Jemima and big brother Danny. Enjoy them…


2 thoughts on “Pictures from Uncle Glover

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  1. Hi Nana Kwame,Nice to see that you arrived here – I ‘landed’ the month before you. It’s a strange place isn’t it..!!!I look forward to keeping up with your progress and I hope to visit Ghana one day.Emma

  2. Isaac Darko said…Hi Nana Kwame,Did you know I had wondered when you would arrive? I’m finally glad I have lived to see it happen. I know one thing for sure: you are a very special child. Your father is one of the finest men I have known. Do you know why? Well, he is a Christian first and a Manager second. I have the honour of knowing him and being his friend. I hope to see you one day. Till then do no wrong, stay strong, and so long! Sincerely,Ike

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