My pictures at 1 week

These are the pictures I promised would come soon.

My Uncle Fred took them, over the weekend when I turned seven days!! Stating it as one week doesn’t make you realise how much I have grown, does it?

Check out my relaxing pose…


3 thoughts on “My pictures at 1 week

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  1. Dear Nana Kwame,You know I wish you would have stayed in heaven…but welcome to our world. I look at your cutie cutie innocent, yet harmless face and I wonder. Nana Kwame, we are over 6billion in this world and Geez it’s so interesting. I wish you all the best an you unravel each day at the time.God bless you and welcome.Aunty Roni

  2. Darling Nana,What lovely pictures!! You are adorable and we wish you all the best as you begin your amazing journey through life. We firmly believe that you will make us all proud. We love you very much. We can’t wait for you to meet Sedi. Say kudos to Grandma and mum for the wonderful job and tell dad he’s doing great with online fatherhood!!Love always,Uncle Wola, Auntie Nana and Sedi

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