Letter from my Dad

Finally, I got to hear from my absentee Dad! And I do want to share the letter he wrote with you all. So, here goes…

Dear Nana Kwame,

Kwame, my son, how I wish I could be in Ghana right now to see you, to hold you in my arms, and to gaze upon your face. How I wish I were in Ashongman this very moment to behold the miracle of your arrival, the gift of your presence and to partake fully in the joy you have brought us all – your Mum and I, our families and our friends?

I am writing to you from Nottingham, in UK, and I trust all is well with you, and that you are being taken good care of. I have been calling home to ask of you almost everyday since you arrived, so don’t think I am not close enough, haha! I even heard your voice on the phone and I was so excited! You really can shout, boy!

I am doing well with my studies, and thinking of you everyday. Your uncles Charles, Bryan and Geoff sent me some pictures, and they are lovely. You are a cute boy, my son. I went to Boots supermarket here in Nottingham last Thursday and printed out some of those pictures. I have them pasted all over my room here, and one is framed as well. I am finishing up on my first project and some essays and will start exams soon. Then, it will be time to work on my final project, and then…coming home to see yooooooooooouuuuuuuuu!! No more absentee fatherhood, haha.

Since this is my first letter, I will keep it short. This was just to let you know that I am in touch, haha, though not in body! This should be the first of many many letters I intend us to exchange as you grow up and as I do grow too! There is so much love in our hearts for you, Nana; we pray God to give us grace to be there for you, to love you and to bring you up well.

God bless you my child, and akwaaba.

You will read from me again. Find attached a picture of me.


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