My first day on earth

I was born on 28th April 2006, in a little room in a hospital called Lister hospital. It is on the Spintex road in Accra, the country of my parents Nana and Vivian. I was born around 8.47am. There was a lot of excitement at my arrival; I think a lot of people were waiting for me.

A few hours after my arrival, my uncle Charles came to visit me and Mum, and came with a little box with lights, called a camera. And flashed the lights in my face!

Later Uncle Bryan and Auntie Theresa also came and brought another camera, and took photos.


One thought on “My first day on earth

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  1. Oh My Nana Kwame, i’m so so much impressed your abilities at such a tender age!!!! (less than 3 weeks old)!!! I really had a good time moving through your diary and look forward to your updates very soon!! I know you dont know me yet, but i’m one of your prodigal aunties who would come to see you very very soon!! Do have a wonderful day and be good to Mum, grandma and all ok!! (not too much crying dear)!!! Luv, JoannaBye!!!

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